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NW Spine Research Foundation NW Spine Foundation, a 501©(3) nonprofit organization, was created in 2008 to promote spine research and education for local surgeons. Our goal is to create an open forum for surgeons to discuss the best practices in the field of patient care and private practice efficiency.

Key People

Jason Gong President
Dr. George Oji Secretary
Dr. Robert Tatsumi Research Director and Treasurer

Current Research

Dr. Tatsumi and three co-authors submitted a research paper evaluating and comparing disc preparation results of three approaches to the lumbar spine.  This paper evaluates a minimally invasive anterior vs. lateral vs. transforaminal approach.  Of the three, the lateral approach had the greatest amount of endplate surface area exposed with the least amount of endplate injury. 

Dr. Tatsumi submitted a research paper to the Journal of Spine Research regarding the amount of skin pressure the patient experiences when performing a lateral lumbar surgery.  Lateral lumbar surgery requires the patient to be on his/her side and the bed will often be bent around the hip area to help access certain disc levels.  This study demonstrated where the highest pressure points are located and how the gender and weight of a patient can affect the amount of pressure experienced.

Research in Motion

Dr. Tatsumi and the University of Montreal are finalizing a biomechanics study to evaluate the pedicle screw pullout and toggle strength when placed in the lumbar and sacral regions.  A new minimally invasive technique to stabilize the spine utilizes a different trajectory of the pedicle screws.  The data is very impressive and will submitted to IMAST, which is hosted in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

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March 2015: Medical Risk Management Seminar